PSE Asia 2016

As of April, 2016

1. Visa Application

For the participants who require visa to enter Japan, they must apply for an entry visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate by themselves. In general, the following documents must be submitted.

1) Passport

2) 45mm×45mm passport-type photos taken within the previous six months

3) Visa application form, available at the embassy or consulate, or on the following


4) Documents certifying the purpose of your visit, itinerary and official invitation letter


If you need to apply for Japan visa, please send a copy of your passport to Secretariat of PSE-Asia 2016 by E-mail to: []. We will send you the original documents specified in No.4), that is A) Schedule of Stay, B) Letter of Reason for Invitation, and C) Letter of Guarantee. There might be other necessary documents, depending on the nationality. Please check with the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country in advance. In addition, please note that we will arrange the visa documents for the person who has already submitted the full paper and also completed the registration including payment.

・For more information, please visit the website below:

2. Visa Exemption

Participants from the countries that have visa-exemption arrangements with Japan do not need to obtain a visa (see the following table).

 Countries and Regions for Visa Exemptions for Short-Term Stay (as of December 2014)

Countries and region
Required Passport
Period of stay
Indonesia Note 1
ePassport* in compliance with ICAO*
90 days or less
Malaysia Note 2
ePassport* in compliance with ICAO*
90 days or less
Republic of Korea
-90 days or less
-90 days or less
Thailand Note 3
ePassport* in compliance with ICAO*
15 days or less
Taiwan Note 4
-90 days or less
United States
-90 days or less
-90 days or less
-90 days or less
-90 days or less
-90 days or less
Switzerland Note 5
-90 days or less
United Kingdom Note 5
-90 days or less

  From MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan) website

If your nationality is other than those above, please check the MOFA website below.

*ePassport=It has IC chip that stores certain individual and biometric data including a digital image of the passport photograph. 

*ICAO=International Civil Aviation Organization

Note 1 For nationals of Indonesia (since December 1, 2014), visas are not required only for those who have registered ICAO-compliant ePassport to diplomatic missions of Japan in Indonesia (the embassy, consulates-general, or the consulate). Validity of the registration is three years period or until the passport expires, whichever comes first. 

Note 2 For nationals of Malaysia (since July 1, 2013), visas are not required only for holders of ePassport in compliance with ICAO standards. Those who do not hold such ePassport are advised to obtain a visa in advance, otherwise will be strictly examined and may be refused entry to Japan. 

Note 3 For nationals of Thailand (since July 1, 2013), visas are not required only for holders of ePassport in compliance with ICAO standards. 

Note 4 For citizens of Taiwan, visas are not required only for holders of Taiwan passport which includes a personal identification number. 

Note 5 For nationals of those countries with visa exemptions permitting stays of up to 6 months under the bilateral visa exemption arrangements, those who wish to stay in Japan for more than 90 days are required to apply for an extension of the period of stay to the Ministry of Justice (Regional Immigration Bureau) before the period of permitted stay is to expire. 

Due to the complex nature of visa requirements, we advise you to contact the Consular Section of the Japanese Embassy or Consulate at your earliest convenience for more information and advice. 

List of Embassies and Consulates: