PSE Asia 2016

Guide for Oral Presentations

-Please use your own PC in the presentation. No PC will be organized from the


-Use the PC projector installed in the room.

-Only VGA connector (=D-sub 15 connector) is available.

-If necessary, please prepare an adaptor to connect to the projector by your self.

-Keynote presentations are scheduled for 40 minutes including discussion. 

-Regular oral presentations are scheduled for 20 minutes including discussion and PC


Guide for Poster Presentations

-Flash presentations (=oral highlight presentation) are not scheduled.

-Size: Poster board size is W900mm × H2100mm.

*A0-size (=W841mm × H1189mm) is suitable.

-Put up & Remove your poster:

*Please put up your poster during the lunch time on 25 or 26 July.

*Please remove and bring back your poster by yourself after each poster presentation.

Mon., 25 July
Tue., 26 July
Put up your poster between
Poster sessions between
Remove by